Post Covid Business 2020 Abandonment Program and more

Well folks,

Its 2020 and we must feel now like we have seen it all!

LEI was quick to socially distance in March and as June approaches, we are considering what this will look like going forward.

We at LEI haven’t seen much effect on our essential business. Its been business as usual. I am currently considering when we may head back downtown to our offices.

LEI is grateful to its partners:

  • Select Compression
  • Baxter’s Welding
  • Moore Pipe
  • Corban Energy Group
  • Calroc Industries

As we go into a time of Government sponsored Abandonment projects, we wish to remind our customers that with Moore Pipe and LEI Equipment resources, we are well equipped to provide support to your operation by offering tubing management of the abandoned production tubing. We can re sell this tubing or set up an inspection program based on your timing and needs. We can store it until you need it! We can line it with the highest quality Tubing Liner in the business.

As for surface equipment we can recommend what to keep or scrap. What can be sold and what can’t. We can store it, manage it, rebuild it and re sell it. Even cut it up and retire the vessels for you on our own property.

Remember there is no point to try and sell aged irrelevant assets or waste your time!

LEI is a full service equipment and pipe company with supporting shops in Lloydminster, Nisku, Medicine Hat, Casper WY, Midland TX, and Gunsan Korea.

Our experience in the Tubing Business as it relates to workovers, inspection, and abandonment is unparalleled.

Our Experience in the business and operational sides of Surplus Equipment is unparalleled.

If you need results in 2020 we are here, bigger and better than ever to serve you!


Call us today to discuss how we can help provide streamlined services and results!