LEI-AMINE-001087 TWO (2) New (Completed 2019) 50 million cubic feet per day AMINE PLANT

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Item Number
List Date
July 2 2020

LEI is pleased to offer the following TWO (2)  NEW identical packaged systems.

  • This system built by STARTEC will include the following major components:
  • One (1) Process Skid A (22’ W x 60’ L Skid):
  • One – Inlet Filter Coalescer (Optional Deduct);
  • One – Rich Amine Flash Drum;
  • One – 100% Rich Amine Particulate Filter;
  • One – 125% Lean/Rich Amine Exchangers;
  • Two – 100% Lean Amine Booster Pumps;
  • Two – 100% Lean Amine Charge Pumps;
  • One – 20% Slip Lean Amine Particulate Filter;
  • One – 20% Slip Lean Amine Charcoal Filter;
  • One – Anti-Foam Chemical Injection Pump;
  • One – Amine Reflux Accumulator;
  • Two – 100% Amine Reflux Pumps;
  • Two – 35 kW Building Heaters.Shipped Loose/Off-skid Items:
  • One – 4 MMBTU/Hr Fired Amine Reboiler
  • One – Amine Contactor Tower c/w down-comers;
  • One – Lean Amine Cooler;
  • One – Amine Reflux Condenser.The components of the above list are mounted on skids, piped in a completed system with the exception of the off skid components. Contactor and Regen tower (top section) along with down-comers will be shipped loose for field installation on a concrete/steel base or onto the process skid, off skid by others. The Air Coolers will be shipped loose for field installation off skid by others, structure by others. All Interconnecting piping in between skids and in between off skid items are by others.
  • LEI is the exclusive broker for two of these identical modular plants.
  • We will work with qualified brokers on behalf of the owner.
  • The systems are complete and ready for IMMEDIATE shipment.
  • Offers based on the purchase price $4,000,000.00 CAD EACH will be considered.
  • Plants are located at the manufacturers yard in Calgary Alberta

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