LEI-MOL-001070 Mol Sieve Plant

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LEI-LNG-001070 Mol Sieve

Item Number
List Date
April 2019
  • Mol Sieve Plant purchased for use as as an LNG Dehydrator
  • New Cancelled project Inventory-All components stored at their manufacturer facilities
  • Skid was designed for a facility capable of 100,000 US/Gallons per day of liquefied natural gas
  • Engineering Documentation Available
  • Engineered for a Canadian and US installation
  • Any traces of CO2, Sulfur, H2S (if applicable) and water are removed using an adsorption process
  • Molecular Sieve (MS) bed
  • Complete System
  • Can be used for multiple purposes, such as a CO2, N2 and an LNG facility
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