LEI-BUL-001072 Used As is 72,000 US Gallon Propane Bullet

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LEI-BUL-001072 72,000 US Gallon Propane Bullet

Item Number
List Date
Aug 19 2020
Riley Beaird
  • Used As Is 1981 Riley Beaird 72,000 US Gallon Propane (NGL) Bullet
  • 12ft Diameter x 85ft Length
  • Saddles
  • Ladder
  • Platform
  • Used 2 inch Spray foam Insulation with Aluminum Cladding
  • 250 psi
  • Registered presently for Alberta Other Provinces may be added during the re-certification Process
  • Formerly in C5 service at a gas plant in Alberta
  • Insulation and Cladding included on an “As is, Where is” basis.
  • Out of service for over 10 years. May contain Asphaltenes.
  • Ex Work Whitecourt Area Alberta
  • Registration expired



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