LEI – Air – 001122 Atlas Copco ZR-3 Oil Free Air Compressor

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LEI - Air - 001122

Item Number
LEI - Air - 001122
List Date
March 2023
Atlas Copco
  • Used Atlas Copco ZR-3 Oil Free Air Compressor
  • Breathing oil fumes is definitely not a good idea and oil contami- nates condensate can damage the environment.
  • Why do it the hard way, when you can do it the smart way with ZT/ZR oil free compressors.
  • No condensate management problems
  • Silenced package
  • Do not accept the possibility of product contamination, and reduced Product quality.
  • Only Oil Free compressors can offer a 100% Guarantee of Oil Free Air.
  • No product spoilage
  • Consistent performance over the compressor lifetime
  • Proven reliability
  • The most cost effective solution


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