ECO TANK featuring the ECOTUBE burner system

This 1200 bbl Eco Tank features a new innovative design for increased safety, performance and efficient transportation. The tank is completely double walled, including a double wall firetube which eliminates the need for containment. The flat bottom low profile design eliminates the need for specialized hydraulic cradle trucks and pilots that are required for transporting traditional tanks. Additionally, transportation costs are further reduced because no picker trucks are required to install the tank into containment. The firetube design is a tube within a tube that is filled with free circulating biodegradable oil. The biodegradable oil is used as the heating medium for safe efficient heat transfer for both light or heavy oil.

Available in 400, 800, 1000 and 1200 bbl sizes!

Available for Sale, Rent and Rent to Own!

Main Features:

  • Completely double walled eliminating need for containment.
  • Includes sealed double walled vault and double walled firetube.
  • Eliminates need for specialized tank hauling, picker and pilot trucks.
  • Low profile tank means easy and safe transportation.
  • No crews or setup required.
  • Increased safety for operators, no need to climb in and out of containments.
  • Insulated and tested for 16 oz pressure rating – Pressure Rating Options of 40 oz and 14.5 PSI
  • Tanks and firetube can be internally coated.
  • Requires maximum 500,000 BTU burner to heat tank fluid. (1200 bbl)
  • Excellent option for testing wells or for remote production areas.
  • Certification for Fuel Service underway

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